&Tradition for a match made in heaven


&Tradition is a Danish furniture company formerly known as Unique Copenhagen. In 2010, the company underwent a transformation to integrate time-honoured Nordic design with refined and contemporary artistry. Its goal is to offer high-end furniture, accessories and lamps with a timeless aesthetic that blends tradition and innovation.

Bridging old and new

Working with internationally renowned designers, &Tradition has achieved a perfect balance of different styles by reissuing iconic pieces by master designers while creating tomorrow’s classics. That’s why you’ll see the Mayor sofa next to the Palette table and Fly armchair in Coco Chanel’s old dining room in on Faubourg Saint-Honoré street in Paris.

In keeping with Danish trends, &Tradition respects the environment and has adopted a green growth model. The company puts nature first when sourcing its raw materials and believes in sustainable design. Its goal is to create pieces with a timeless beauty for generations to come.

&Tradition is always full of surprises and their collections have an instant appeal. And it’s their ability to offer immediate visual and tactile satisfaction that really sets them apart. That’s why the company works with young designers and trend-setters while drawing inspiration from the legacy of the old vanguard, including designers like Verner Panton and Arne Jacobsen.

&Tradition’s collections combine handicraft sensibilities with creativity to design carefully devised pieces that meet modern needs: function, comfort and beauty.

Discover them in our Montréal showroom!

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