Robert Dudley Best’s iconic lamp in the spotlight


It’s hard to believe that the Bestlite was created 90 years ago now! The lamp is known for its instantly appealing curves that provide a fluid and elegant silhouette. Read on to learn more about the story behind the lamp’s captivating minimalist design.

Designer profile

Robert Dudley Best was born in 1892 in Birmingham, England to the owner of Best & Lloyd, the biggest lighting store in the world at the time. While studying industrial design in Düsseldorf and Paris from 1928–1929, Best designed the Bestlite lamp.

Upon his return to England, he presented the design to his father for production. Despite the family business’s proud history of producing traditional lamps for prestigious clients such as the Titanic and the Orient Express, Dudley Best wanted to create a new and innovative collection that would reflect the spirit of the times.

Shedding light on Bestlite’s success

The first Bestlites produced were mainly used in car repair shops and by the Royal Air Force, where the lamp’s utilitarian side was put to good use. But a few made their way to the desks of visionary architects, which led to a feature article in The Architects’ Journal where Bestlite was named the first British Bauhaus design. Interest in the lamp increased when Winston Churchill requested a Bestlite for his desk in Whitehall, success then became inevitable.

Robert Dudley Best continued working on his collection until the end of the 1930s. Adored by architects and designers, the Bestlite is frequently used in hotels and restaurants and can often be found in homes of authentic design aficionados. The Bestlite lamp provides timeless lighting in three colours and five variants including as a wall sconce, table lamp and floor lamp.

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