Lee Broom, A stylish and brilliant designer


Designer profile

High-end design icon known internationally, Lee Broom is a brilliant designer from the United Kingdom. With unparalleled originality, he built his own collection of bold furniture and many spectacular collections of tables, pendants and sconces. Originally trained as a fashion designer, he’s not afraid to channel his passion for fashion into each of his creations.


Inspiration based on innovation

Lee Broom is inspired by the classics, but infuses them with a contemporary flair. He’s known for his constant desire to innovate, building on classical and modern styles. His creations have made it into many well-known restaurants and chic hotels across the world, not to mention the covers of prominent magazines. His collections are a brilliant blend of craftmanship, time-honoured style and contemporary trends, using traditional materials and enduring styles.


Dazzling creations

In each of his creations, Broom pairs high-end and high-quality materials with the most innovative technologies. Broom’s work blends luxury with British artistry to create true masterpieces. Through the use of sophisticated materials, Broom continues to innovate, creating unprecedented and revolutionary designs.


Discover our favourite dramatic and timeless pieces:

Luminaire Carrousel
Luminaire Carrousel

Disponible en deux grandeurs dans un fini en chrome, laiton ou “Gunmetal”.

Luminaire Crescent
Luminaire Crescent

Disponible en acrylique et laiton satiné

Lampe sur pied Optical
Lampe sur pied Optical

Disponible en verre opaque et noir.

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