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Designer profile

This famous designer is known as a nonconformist—a creative and a tastemaker. A member of the avant-garde, Chichester is inspired by the classics, adding his own touch to give them a contemporary finish at the whim of his imagination. Find magnificent collector’s items in his daring and sophisticated collection.

British inspiration, free improvisation
Julian Chichester’s work is inspired by classic British furniture design. His pieces are also a testament to his admiration for innovation, his expertise and a passion for originality. There’s no question that his attention to detail and offbeat finishes are at the heart of each of his creations—and that’s what makes them stand out. Each of his creations has its own character and personality.

Dazzling and inspiring creations
Designed to complement new design, Chichester’s classics can fit in with any contemporary space. His statement pieces—with a bold twist on tradition—are coveted additions to any decor. Let yourself be won over by his use of exceptional materials and finishes,

and add refined style to your space with these magnificent masterpieces:

La commode “Brooklyn”
La commode “Brooklyn”

Disponible en galuchat de couleur zinc ou doré avec pattes et poignées en laiton.

Le fauteuil Emma
Le fauteuil Emma

Choix de velours, lin ou COM sur base disponible dans plusieurs finis de bois.

Le cabinet Abbado
Le cabinet Abbado

Disponible en chêne “Firmdale” avec portes en laiton antique.

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