Hans J. Wegner, Scandinavian design at its best


Designer profile

The renowned Danish architect and designer Hans J. Wegner had a significant influence on Scandinavian design. While he always kept functional considerations in mind, it didn’t prevent him from venturing into the avant-garde or whimsical, which earned his pieces a spot in many prestigious interiors. After creating over 500 chairs, this talented designer left us with a legacy of precious masterpieces with distinctive and sensational forms.


Danish inspiration, worldwide success

This famous designer found inspiration in rich natural materials like wood, steel, fabric and leather. Always in search of the perfect design, Wegner’s work also drew upon his experience as a cabinetmaker, giving his pieces an impressive level of strength and comfort. His work—inspired by modernism and the industrial era—is both extravagant and functional.


Elegant and dynamic creations

Functionality is central to this designer’s work. Simple and timeless lines, and upholding Scandinavian tradition, are also key. So it’s no surprise that his work is elegant, carefully crafted and designed, and amazingly comfortable.


Explore this talented designer’s bold and refined collection in our showrooms:

Le fauteuil Shell CH07
Le fauteuil Shell CH07

Fauteuil disponible en hêtre, noyer ou chêne noirci avec plusieurs choix de tissus ou cuirs.

Le fauteuil Oculus
Le fauteuil Oculus

Plusieurs tissus ou cuirs disponibles sur base en acier inoxydable ou acier noirci.

Le banc CH53
Le banc CH53

Plusieurs finis de bois disponibles avec corde de couleur naturel ou noir.

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