1,001 reasons to love Mariano Fortuny’s Scheherazade lamps

Mariano Fortuny

You might know Scheherazade as a fictional character from One Thousand and One Nights. The lamp’s name sums up the atmosphere it creates: a mix of excitement and splendour, intellect and romance. Its just as mythical as its creator—one look and you’ll be hooked!

Designer profile

While he’s mainly known for his fashion design and textiles, Mariano Fortuny was also a painter, engraver, photographer and scenographer. In addition, he’s known for having revolutionized stage lighting and lamp design.

Born in 1871 in Spain, Mariano Fortuny moved to France before settling in Venice, where he lived until his death in 1949. For Mariano, light is the cornerstone of all creation and his lamps were the result of in-depth research on lighting, design and filters.

Bringing Scheherazade lamps to light

Scheherazade lamps combine Fortuny’s love of Venetian and Eastern styles. The elegant two- or three-tiered structure in the shape of an upside-down pagoda is suspended by fine strings decorated with Murano glass beads. The lowest tier comes to a point with an elegant engraved pendant. The delicate opalescent silk, refined ornamentation and balanced silhouettes come together to create veritable light sculptures, highlighting the lamp’s international inspiration.

Venetia Studium is carrying the torch and continuing to produce these marvellous lamps that blend in with any style of décor thanks to their superior illumination and soft ambiance that’s at once evocative and timeless.

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